Direct Mail Marketing

Meet your goals with precision
targeting tools and expert advice.

At Classic Impressions we believe in direct mail campaigns designed for success.

Reach consumers with geographic, demographic, behavioural, and psychographic targeting attributes.

Generate leads by delivering focused campaigns to businesses in your target industries.

Focus on existing customers and clients with personalized mail campaigns designed to engage.

Maximize your marketing spend by focusing your campaign on consumers likely to convert.


● Age

● Income

● Family structure

● Occupation

● Household size

● Lifestyle

● Buying habits

● Lifestage

● Building age

PRIZM segments

Location Based

● Geographic area

● Postal code

● Drive time

● Radius

Once targeting attributes have been selecting for the campaign, your dedicated direct mail specialist will coordinate the data-sizing and list rental for you.

If the targeting attributes selected are included as a free service within the Precision Targeter, your specialist will create a mailing plan for your approval.

Add more leads to your funnel with industry targeting and specialized mailing packages.

Consider the value of one converted lead committing to at least one service or product. One lead can even become a lifelong account. How much added value does that bring to your company?

Classic Impressions has been providing commercial print and direct mail services to our Business-to-Business clients for over 30 years.

And It’s true, Business-to-Business marketing requires strategic planning and a higher level personalization.

Let our experts help you engage, educate, and delight prospects by creating a specialized mailing package to add more leads to your funnel and increase sales for your company.

Deliver campaigns to customers in your database with personalized mail.

Variable Data Printing is what gives our team the capability to send mail to customers in your database and personalize your direct mail piece.

Using Variable Data Printing (VDP) we can:

  • Address each piece to an individual or household in your database
  • Create different versions for different customer segments
  • Print your customers preferred salutation
  • Include an individual’s name or title

All you have to do is specify the variable field on your artwork and provide the column(s) in your data file listing what will be printed in the variable field (for example, a name column).

Worry-free mailings with high-accuracy data processing.

Our team is committed to diligent high-accuracy data processing, so you can be confident that your mailing list is clean and ready for delivery.

Data processing services include:

  • Address accuracy verification and corrections
  • Checking address against the NCOA database
  • Consolidating duplicate records or “merge-purge”
  • Secure file transfer methods

If your data file contains more invalid formatting then expected, we can provide corrections at an affordable rate.

In fact, Classic Impressions has one of the highest accuracy rates amongst Canada Posts’ Smartmail marketing partners.

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