Spot varnish, spot coating, or clear raised varnish in commercial printing refers to the application of a clear coating of varnish to specific areas of a printed piece rather than covering the entire surface- also known as a flood. The most common types are:

  1. UV  which is cured with ultra-violet light.
  2. Aqueous which is a fast-drying water-based solution.

This technique adds a sense of texture and dimension to print materials.  Thereby drawing attention to your chosen element(s) such as a logo, text, or graphic element. For a dramatic effect try using spot varnish over laminate with a contrasting texture. For example, contrasting your spot varnish’s glossy appearance with a luxurious matte laminate.

We recommend a spot varnish on many different materials such as :

  • Special marketing collateral
  • Menus for restaurants
  • Business cards
  • Presentation folders
  • Trade show materials

Unlike a flood varnish which covers the paper uniformly, placement of your spot varnish will need to be shown on your artwork. Do this by highlighting the area in a high-contrasting colour showing the positioning of where your spot coat will be applied. Just provide the necessary files and our team will prepare the file with the highlighted area.  All you need to do is review the placement when your proof is ready.  At Classic Impressions we have the expertise to recommend the best and most effective placement.

Effectively, this is yet another excellent way to make your print stand out. Even more ideas on what finishing can be applied to your print materials is available in, our our guides to finishing series.

Interested in using this finishing technique on your next project? Reach out today and we’ll get a quote started for you.

Published On: January 10, 2024Categories: Marketing, Printing


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