When should you side step your office or home printer and call in a professional?  It’s pretty simple – when you are looking to boost response rates, when you want your piece to stand-out, look more polished, vibrant and professional or when your project is on a larger scale than day to day printing can handle. In a time where competition for customers attention is at a premium, the right custom print job may let you break through the clutter and deliver a great boost to your bottom line.

A few options that elevate Custom Printing and really add that ‘WOW’ factor:


Unique Paper Stocks:

Whether it’s a heavy coated card stock, or a uniquely colored envelope that matches your brand perfectly, the paper options available to a professional printer are unlimited.


Special Coatings and Finishes:

Coatings are certainly something you can’t achieve on your own, and they have come a LONG way over the years.  Flood varnish and spot varnish (to add that ‘pop’ of shine) are always popular, while other more advanced coatings can leave a raised finish or an enhanced texture. Metallic foil stamping is always a great look, and can also be printed variably.


Unique Folds:

Folding allows you to control how customers receive your message and interact with your mail piece. It’s not something easily achieved manually. The right custom fold can really elevate a piece, and when combined with the right adhesive, can create an exceptional piece of packaging or an outstanding self mailer.


Die Cuts:

You cannot discount the difference a unique shape can make. Using a recognizable shape or design is the easiest way to convey what you are offering.

When it comes to Custom Printing, the options really are limitless (and are improving every day). Depending on your budget, adding a bit of customization can make your piece memorable, and bring about a better result.

One final (and major) key advantage to printing with a professional printer is knowledge.  A good printer can help you recover from marketing mistakes you didn’t even know you were making. Is your contact information listed? Do you have a strong call to action? A good incentive? It should be easy for someone receiving your promotion to understand what you want them to do. How to respond or how take the next step.  Custom printing will easily capture their attention, but your piece should also effectively deliver your message.

Having been a part of so many unique and successful projects, we have all the options on hand and know the winning trends that allow us to offer ideas that will make the most of your time and your budget. With so many creative ideas and examples out on the market today, going that extra mile can really make a difference to the satisfaction of your recipients and the overall success of your print or mailing campaign. Sure, your desktop printer may seem cost effective, but if choosing a more elevated piece and working with a team of professionals brings in a better response rate, the choice to go custom will instantly pay for itself.

Published On: August 11, 2021Categories: Marketing, Printing


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