QR codes can be a powerful way to engage customers with your direct mail piece— but beyond scanning a code to the main page of your website what can you do with them?

You can get creative with your interactive direct mail piece by trying one of these 3 ideas:

Give your customers directions

Imagine as a customer you just received a fantastic offer in the mail, and when you scan the QR code on it, you have the directions on your phone ready to go; And because this mailing went out to potential customers within 15 minutes driving distance your customer figures if it’s that close, why not go check it out?

Promote a personal touch with a promotional video

Take your message further and link a QR code to a promotional video emphasizing your brand, showcasing products, or highlighting your services. This adds a personal touch and allows your customer to see the people behind the brand.

Did you know that 84% of people have purchased a product or service because of a promotional video?

Showcase glowing testimonials

Give your claims validity by making it easy to see what others are saying about you and give your customers a direct link to your Google, Yelp, or Tripadvisor reviews. Customers more than ever are using reviews to size up your business, in fact 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses— showcasing them front and center can give them a vote of confidence in your favor.

There are endless ways to configure QR codes, and with the right one you can add value to your customers experience. Contact our team at Classic Impressions to learn more on how this unique and versatile tool can make your next print or mailing campaign stand out amongst the crowd.

Published On: October 4, 2023Categories: Direct Mail, Marketing


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